VP Studio Series

We love being in creation. And we’re always searching for different ways to apply our creative concepts to real life products. VP Studio Series represents the culmination of all sorts of 2020 feels – our desire to grow, connect, belong, smile, have meetings IRL, smell freshly brewed coffee at the office (so we made mugs), and our general wellness obsession (we won an award for workplace wellness, actually). This is a collection of things we really wanted for ourselves – for VP, by VP (but also for you). 

The launch of our collection and gift shop required everyone’s involvement at the agency – from design to production, photography, digital and PR. The team came together and executed a large-scale internal project at a time when it was challenging to balance and connect. The campaign theme was centered around being safe on set during a pandemic, with an aim to share an authentically light-hearted view of what that means to us. The behind the scenes became the campaign.

From the studio our collection transitioned (safely) to the office, where workplace wellness became our main priority – because being comfortable where you work should always be priority number one. Getting together IRL meant lots of hand sanitizer, temperature checks and plexiglass (oh the plexiglass!), but in-person creative collabs is when we thrive. So, if you’re ever in Vancouver, say hi but PLEASE REMAIN SIX FEET AWAY FROM US AT ALL TIMES! **hand washing intensifies**

The collection was big hit online – with only a few items still available (shop now!). See! We actually do know what we’re doing! But most importantly, we loved doing it – in fact, we are gearing up for our second drop this Spring 2021, which has an appropriately optimistic theme and colour story for where the world is hopefully headed. (bye Covid-19!)