Meet The Team

Very Polite is led by two unique creatives from very different backgrounds, who came together to create an integrated agency with the purpose to help other businesses thrive and do big things. They are purposely selective, choosing to work with brands that are a fit, both culturally and creatively. This approach allows the partners to be intimately involved in each account, contributing their diverse skillsets to each unique client and project. Each partner guides the various departments from creative executions to PR so the teams can fully immerse into the client’s brand and culture. Without further ado, Meet the Partners.

Very Polite Agency Photograph
Very Polite Agency Photograph

Andrea Mestrovic
Co-Founder | VP Brand Strategy

I come from over 15 years of experience in global marketing, communications strategy, luxury brand management, digital and social strategy, and media planning. My work spans a wide spectrum of industries, including publishing, advertising, hospitality, beverage, travel and tourism, technology, fashion and retail. In 2004, I was the founding partner of a global public relations firm, while also working as a lifestyle journalist, and International Editor for Olivia Palermo, a position I held for over six years. Between 2014 and 2016 I headed Global Public Relations for Kit and Ace, a technical apparel brand with record-breaking international growth. It was during my time at Kit and Ace that I met the other agency partners — and they haven’t left me alone since (but no real complaints). Before taking the leap to create the agency of my dreams, I was the Vice President of Marketing for Mark Anthony Group of Companies.

Very Polite is a special place. I love the culture we have built — one of integrity, debate, curiosity, and creativity. I’m surrounded by talented people who are passionate about what they do and who challenge me on the daily. I also appreciate that we operate across all verticals and that our clients come from various industries with different needs. This keeps us sharp. We’re forever innovating. I oversee Brand Strategy and PR, which means I ensure we are operating with a creative vision that supports the business goals of our clients and helps share their narrative with the public. I lead a team that regularly manages reputations, performs crisis audits, and crafts holding statements — and enjoys doing it. My strongest asset? My intuition. It has led me to where I am today, which is a very exciting place to be.

Editor’s note** Andrea was honored with the 2017 Top Forty Under 40 Award by Business in Vancouver Magazine. She has been quoted in The New York Times, and featured in several other publications. She’s still waiting for her Vogue cover, but stay tuned.

Very Polite Agency Photograph

Dylan Rekert
Co-Founder | VP Creative

Dylan did not write this bio. Dylan wants nothing to do with this bio. Nonetheless, here are a few things you should know about Dylan. 

Dylan is an award-winning (we don’t just keep him around for his good looks) creative director and filmmaker. In the last decade, he has led creative teams across numerous industries, ranging from tech and luxury apparel to mining, real estate, tourism, hospitality and beverage. His design approach is one part brief, one part humour and a heaping dose of natural talent (but don’t tell him we told you that). And it’s not just Very Polite that thinks he’s pretty great at what he does, his work has landed him in front of the likes of Vice, Dezeen, Cereal and Conde Nast Media to name a few. Not to mention, Dylan’s work has been featured in the New York Observer, Creativity Online, Harper’s Bazaar and Surface Magazine and he received the BIV 40 under Forty award. Since we’re already bragging, might as well keep it rolling. Dylan recently produced a short science-fiction film, Loop. Well, it was on loop at international film festivals such as a little event called Cannes Film Festival, maybe you’ve heard of it? The film had the first premiere in Canada in the past year and did we mention it also picked up some awards? It did: Berlin Sci-Fi Film Fest Official Selection, Special Selection Portland Film Festival and Finalist Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival, among others. As VP of Creative and founding partner at Very Polite, Dylan oversees all creative projects and leads the graphic and web design departments. His unique perspective brings that best out in the brands he works for.

Editor’s note** More important than anything mentioned above, Dylan has a DM thread with Lil Jon. That’s right, Lil Jon loves his t-shirt designs.

Very Polite Agency Photograph
Very Polite Agency Photograph

Ashiyana Somlai-Maharjan
Director of Brand Experience

In a nutshell, I’m a storyteller. Whether that’s concepting and producing an experiential experience for a brand, constructing a PR & marketing strategy, managing influencer relations, or leading core content development – I’m weaving a narrative and bringing forward tactical and creative storytelling on multiple platforms. My workplace MO is to get the job done in any given situation. I can also throw a *bleeeeeeping* good party (Excuse my French!). There has been nothing linear about my life – from living in Asia for many years, to completing a double major in Political Science and Cultural Anthropology (only to end up in PR of course) and working in a variety of sectors from NGOs to real estate development. But I ultimately landed my dream job working in the world of fashion, joining global retailer Kit and Ace where as part of the core brand team we launched 60+ store locations worldwide from Tokyo to London. Next up, I joined Saje Natural Wellness during a time of exciting growth for the company, leading PR initiatives for the first US expansions into California and New York. It was a full-circle moment when I had the opportunity to join Very Polite and reunite with my colleagues and friends from Kit and Ace. In the 6 years I have been with the agency, we’ve worked with a dynamic range of clients, traveled the world, and, perhaps most importantly, had some of the most fun I’ve ever had at a job. Being surrounded by exceptionally talented people that also know how to have a good time is a rare thing. And everyone mentions the famous snack drawer, but really, it’s all about the fully-stocked bar cart, IMO.

Editor’s Note** As the designated office beauty guru/junkie, you’re guaranteed to find the latest products on Ashiyana’s desk at all times. Currently very into Maater Cosmetics – I would check it out.

Very Polite Agency Photograph

Dubravka Radoicic
Brand Ops Manager

I moved from Serbia with my parents when I was 5 and was raised in Vancouver. My parents had high hopes I would become a famous concert pianist, but I wanted to channel my creativity in the workplace. After earning my degree in Communications and Economics I worked at the BC Government for 7 years, which brought a wealth of experience in management, analytics, and client relations. However, I knew there was more out there. I sought to find a career that would allow me to exercise my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. I eventually decided to step outside my comfort zone and pursue a job in the industry I was truly interested in and always wanted to be a part of. Enter Very Polite. I’ve been with VP for the last 2 years, working in Brand Ops, and never been happier. I’m inspired by the creativity and thought-provoking way in which work is approached at the agency. Every project is so different and unique, and I feel like I am always learning. I also love the seemingly bottomless snack drawer in the kitchen. My day-to-day varies. I manage team calendars, manage deliverables and project timelines, conduct research, and overall make sure the team is set up for success. I also ensure there is a robust supply of Key Lime flavoured La Croix and champagne at all times (it’s proven to be essential to employee happiness and productivity). I’m extremely organized – like multiple calendars, multi-colored pens, colour-coding and a million Post-it notes kind- of-organized. Though ironically, I have a memory so good that I rarely have to write things down, but still do for good measure. You can typically find me hopping from one task to the next, and always at a happy hour after 5pm – just making the most of each day you know?

Editor’s Note** Dubravka is a classically trained musician who can play three instruments. The best time to request a performance is after a few glasses of wine.

Very Polite Agency Photograph

Kirsten Geekie
Copy & Content Strategist

My mum always said I was good with words. In rebellion of her pointing out something that I thought was too hard to pursue, I decided to try and be good with my hands (nice one Geekie). I went to Emily Carr and got my Fine Arts degree in drawing (now, that pursuit is a real slice of pie), saw some weird stuff there and figured something out — I’m not that good with my hands. But you know what else my mum always said: “if you’re going to do something, do it right.” So, I went and tried my mitts at fashion, farming (it was a weird time, okay?) and about a million other things (hyperbole — it’s a writer thing). Eventually, I’d run so far from writing that I ended up in Amsterdam, where I ran right into the loving arms of an MFA in design writing from the Design Academy Eindhoven. From there, I wrote for Frame Magazine and then ended up doing creative strategy and copywriting at Futurebrand UXUS, typing up concepts for brands like Shell and McDonalds. Finally, I came home to Vancouver and found my place at Very Polite, where I’m surrounded by the coolest people, and I’ve never been so happy to slap out words and ideas on my keyboard.

Very Polite Agency Photograph

Tommy Cole
Business Development Strategist

I have always chosen to immerse myself in the arts. Coming from a background in film production, I feel most at home around people who express themselves in creative ways. While I loved the excitement of movie magic, I chose to pivot to a role where I could still be creative, but also get a good night’s sleep (and maintain a social life). I was thrilled to join Very Polite, where everyone on the team brings something unique to the table. We all have something to contribute and learn from one another.

Experience & Growth Strategy is just a fancy way of saying business development, which means I create business objectives for the agency and then hustle to bring it all to life. In order to accomplish this, I forge relationships with all sorts of different people, which is great, because I really like people. My goal is always to find common ground with the individuals I meet and enrich their lives one smile at a time. This can mean being a source of positivity and motivation while teaching a class at RIDE Cycle Club or making people laugh through comedy sketches on social media, which I do from time to time. I’ve also been a part-time bartender for the better part of a decade – which has resulted in friends asking for a drink when I’m technically “off shift”.


Very Polite Agency Photograph

Brittany Cheyne
Senior Graphic Designer

I’m from super Northern Alberta. I moved to Edmonton as soon as I could and took my diploma and ran to finish my studies at Emily Carr (sorry Alberta.) After my degree, I was scooped up and hired by my 4th year instructors to work at their agency where I landed 8 years of amazing experience. Now, I work with the creative team at Very Polite where I get a whole new experience. Being here has allowed me to work on a variety of projects where I’m pushed creatively to think differently. Sometimes being a designer is just about making things pretty, but for me I want to do more than put lipstick on a pig (shout out Alberta). Some people might call it overthinking – and they’d be right – but I think that paying attention to the small things makes for a great big picture. What’s wrong with a little obsession if it makes for more thoughtful design? Other than my design-specific overthinking, I like to keep things pretty simple. I appreciate leading with a relaxed, chill approach so I can focus on what’s most important: Ralph, my dog. He’s my life. 

Editor’s note: We also agree that Ralph should be protected at all costs. Some dogs just hit different — this little tank is one of those dogs. 

Very Polite Agency Photograph

Gerardo Nunez
Graphic Designer

I like to see things from different perspectives. I use podcasts, music, videos, movies, the internet (at large), the matrix (the state, not the movie), the city (any city), and talking to different people to create something that pulls information from all these places. I think that’s what makes building brands so interesting to me. It’s a process that requires a diverse range of elements that come together to create a unique identity. 

My first perspective on design came from Mexico City, where I graduated from UNAM with a BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. This program was the beginning of my career and provided me with the fundamentals of design. After graduating, I created monthly film posters, events, festival and exhibition posters, as well as working with a team to produce artist publications. I kept gathering information, gaining expertise at design studios in Mexico where I could fine tune my craft and learn to efficiently produce innovative ideas and designs. With an extensive background in publications and magazines, branding, typography (I love type AF*), and web design, I brought all this experience to Vancouver where I now get to explore new perspectives with Very Polite. With my bible (grid systems), some magazines, water (because I’m human), pens, and my sketch book in hand, I get to build brands and design that are a product of this crazy world. 

Editor’s note: If the opportunity ever presents itself to try some of Gerry’s famous ceviche, we strongly suggest you back away — because that’s our ceviche. He might like sharing, but we don’t. Pass the chips.