Hello, We Are Very Polite

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Attn: To Whom It May Concern
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Re: Hello, Nice To Meet You!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce ourselves to you. We are Very Polite, an internationally integrated communications and creative agency with studios in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. We help brands forge lasting relationships with consumers across a range of platforms, on a global scale. We think differently, with a focus on emotional resonance, connection, and responsiveness. Our approach is driven by innovative strategy and a 360 degree perspective that considers both the brand and the audience at every stage.

We are built on the premise that agencies should operate as integrated internal partners – not external counterparts, and as such, we are selective, choosing to work with brands that resonate with us culturally and creatively. Like us, our clients are driven, passionate and have an innate desire to do good great things.

So please enjoy visiting our work, be sure to Meet The Team, and do stop by if you are ever in the neighbourhood (but please call first, it’s only polite).

V. Polite

Our Services

Advertising Brand & Creative Strategy Copy & Content Digital / Web Events Influencer Marketing Media Buys Production / Photography Public Relations Virtual Experiences
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From Her Majesty, The Queen

Notes on Being Polite

Whether warranted or not, Canadians seem to have a thing with being polite — sorry about that. After all, our Grandmothers always warned us to mind our manners in case the Queen came for tea (she never did – but we did invite her. See left). 

We perceive being polite as an opportunity to be bold. To us, this translates to sophisticated results, confident execution and considerate collaboration in all aspects of our work.

“Their process is unique and refreshing – they implanted themselves into our culture and product, and became an integral part of our team.”

– Fairmont Pacific Rim

“We were not only impressed with their talent and scope, but their process, flexibility, attention to detail and execution model is seriously exemplary.”

– Mavi Jeans

Our Services

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We tell brand stories and create conversations across multiple channels. Through an in-depth understanding of your brand and its place in culture, we develop advertising campaigns that combine creative responsiveness, emotional relevance and business essentials that create critical route to market conditions. Our teams work hard to understand your brand values before we deliver your vision.

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Brand & Creative Strategy

We will take you through a detailed creative and strategic exercise in order to get an innate understanding of your brand ethos, shifting business and brand priorities, cultural trends and competitive advantages – this process helps us recognize your brand identity and develop a marketing roadmap that will lead you on the path to creating informative and inspirational content.This ensures that all your future brand assignments, tactics and strategies are consistently distinct and commercially relevant.

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When it comes to digital aspects of your brand, our approach is similar to traditional content – it’s always informative and inspiring and takes into account the user experience, visual language, functionality, conversion pathways, as well as brand engagement objectives. Digital media is where brands must forge authentic relationships and an ongoing dialogue with their consumers. This is the place where constant current curated content is a condition of survival. To stay relevant, we must constantly create, inspire, and provide value. That is when conversion happens.

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Production is an integral part of our process – we are narrators with a vision to produce stories grounded in connection and emotional resonance; we aim to create storylines that elicit a heightened audience response and create an opportunity for dialogue. We are also committed to communicating your product attributes and brand values clearly and effectively. To achieve all that, we have a production team trained to execute on a vision. Our production crews are positioned around the globe and we are able to orchestrate a video /photo shoot wherever required. This often involves location scouting, talent casting, capture, editing, and post-production.

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Public Relations

We are innovators and connectors. We shape your message and deliver it to your audience in a voice that resonates. We understand what editors want and how best to serve them. We are your production mangers, influencer procurers, guest list curators, media launch planners, brand partnership moderators, red carpet staffers, media conduits, voice and content creators, and crisis and reputation managers (just in case). TLDR: we are problem solvers.

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Influencer Marketing

Social media has allowed for complete cultural innovation. Trends which used to stem from and be contained to a small circle of influence can now reach the mainstream mass market in seconds. As marketers, we are now able to focus on specific key individuals (or types of individuals) who have influence over potential buyers and decision makers and orient marketing activities around these influencers rather than the target market as a whole.

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Virtual Experiences

Virtual is the new normal. Businesses in all industries are streamlining their engagement strategies and digital output. Your core consumer and your broader audience all want the same thing – to find a connection with your brand and interact meaningfully online. Brands have limitless options when it comes to orchestrating a virtual experience – whether purely digital or leveraging a hybrid model. We have a unique approach to creating powerful virtual moments.