Studio HQ: YVR

The minimal sign that greets visitors at the entrance of the Very Polite head office sets the cheeky tone – “Always Be Polite” is the command – yet the signature yellow carpet and well-used bar cart stationed in the corner indicates the underlying playful nature of the office. 

Designed by Gillian Segal Design, the agency studio space captures the various elements of the agency – modern, design-forward, functional yet with slightly irreverent details. We retained much of the original heritage touches such as the large-paned windows, that bring in an abundance of natural light into every corner. 

With collaboration and group ideation being central to how the agency functions, it made sense to design the space with open concept format – balancing exposed spaces with intimate pockets throughout the studio (because sometimes you just need a second alone). The desk arrangements were strategically designed to inspire cross-departmental interactions. Black furniture and accessories from the lobby chairs to the mini SMEG fridge, fit the minimal aesthetic punctuated only by various pieces of photography, design books and client work. 

The Partner Area hosts the four partners on the left side of the studio. Flanked by large windows, this sun-drenched section provides the right dose of privacy while also feeling accessible to the rest of the team. The Boardroom anchors the middle of the office, outlined by a custom glass wall and built-in doors, framed with black borders. (You’ll know there are Very Important meetings happening when these doors are shut).  An entire white wall serves as the space to scribble ideas, before being wiped clean to provide a spotless slate for the next brainstorm.  

Securing the right side of the office is the Creative Studio, designed specifically to foster the creative process (and conveniently also housing the infamous snack drawer and kitchen area). Unsurprisingly, the music is louder here (but not too loud, that just wouldn’t be polite) and the energy is ripe for innovation and dialogue. The main feature is the elaborate and constantly evolving mood board that crowns the desks of the design team, garnering curious attention from visitors and a peek into the very strange and brilliant brains of our creative team. 

We do hope you’ll come by for a visit, and we promise to have a drink waiting for you (it’s only polite).