Shape Properties

Legacy is about building on the great things that came before — it can feel as ambitious as culture and as intimate as family. In a city like Metro Vancouver where housing growth is constant (and constantly marketed), we wanted to tell a new and engaging story about being connected to the legacy of your family, your community and your city.

CF Richmond Centre, a development by Shape Properties and Cadillac Fairview, presented an example of what it means to grow with legacy in mind. As we got to talking shop, Shape Properties expressed a desire to build a campaign concept that would resonate with families who are relocating or investing in a property together. Approaching the project as a way to tell a story about family, got us excited about how this concept could stretch across digital and print campaigns, and come to life in their presentation centre.


The theme we landed on revolved around the power of exponential possibility. Within, our goal was to communicate the undeniable opportunity that the future of Richmond Center will offer: an exponential investment in quality, lifestyle and family. From thinking about family, we started thinking about connection: the bonds we have to our surroundings, our desire for new experiences and a shared familiarity with the people around us. Everything at Richmond Centre provided a perfect jumping off point for demonstrating connectivity. The development focused on creating a connected community, one with a world-class shopping centre, nearby parks and nature, easy access to downtown and a renowned restaurant scene.

For the brand identity, we started with the RC square, a symbol for exponential possibility. We leveraged an “exponential” design language as a visual representation of growth, return, connection, opportunity, duality. This grid system created a framework for imagery of everything connected living has to offer. These moments of human connection, nature and urban living are nestled up against each other and magnified by the RC squared (because, math).

The campaign photography and film illustrated connection in all its forms by capturing people leading a full-contact life in an urban environment, connected. Vibrant colour story and nightlife imagery brought the energy of an emerging community, lifestyle images of people at home and on their way to work communicated connectivity, and scenes in nature demonstrated the balance of Richmond’s location.