Perks Liftwear

Perks is a new line of technical supportive wear, a category we introduced to the world as liftwear. The brand is best known for their proprietary construction system in bike shorts, designed to lift and enhance derrieres of all shapes and sizes. Apart from this “perk-up technology”, Perks is also working with innovative fabric interlaces allowing for both comfort and lift.

The Perks team came to us in the business’ early days in search of a bold brand direction and a name that would prove to be as unique as their product offering.

Co-creating a new brand with a client is always a rewarding experience, but with Perks we were presented the opportunity to create something really big (and, in this case, also juicy). Conceptualizing a brand identity for Perks began with framing the founder’s vision to empower women to move confidently through every stage of their lives, in a way that would feel authentic and impactful. We ended up crafting a brand for a modern woman who constantly aspires for more and is unapologetically herself.

We dreamed up the name Perks for obvious reasons. In addition to describing the functionality of the product line (it literally perks up the wearer’s backside), the single-syllable pun also possesses a cheeky punchiness that is unlikely to be forgotten.

The visual direction we created is inspired by 90s glamour (think Lady Diana, and the Supers), but re-framed and modernized for current context. The brand is bold and contemporary, yet slightly nostalgic. Expressive, editorial style typography and neutral colour palette, combined with street style campaign photography resulted in ‘coolness’ that transcends time.