La Mer

Photography, Videography, Creative Storyboarding, Video Editing + Production, Graphic Design

La Mer came to us with the ask of delivering four Instagram Stories that would take a social-first approach to communicating the DNA, product innovation and healing legacy of the La Mer brand. The task was to capture photo and video content of the brand’s multi-day event, while concurrently running on-the-ground, responsive video editing and production (love a multi-task ask). The final delivery was campaign-quality videos released live, throughout the event, for La Mer’s global Instagram following.

La Mer hosted a four-part, multi-day immersive brand experience for global influencers and press, designed to showcase the source of their innovative products: the sea. The event featured experiences held from tip-to-tip of Vancouver Island. We travelled to Port Hardy to witness the hand-harvesting of giant sea kelp (the key ingredient in La Mer’s product line) and down to Victoria to capture (among other experiences) a Masterclass demonstrating the healing benefits and craftsmanship of Miracle Broth.

Working closely with the La Mer team, including the Senior Art Director, Senior Video Producer and Vice President of Global Creative, we developed storyboards to align the teams on a shot list for each of the four Instagram Stories. The shot list culminated in a direction for the videos that would answer the event’s deliverables and objectives while also creating engaging, social-first content.

The Very Polite team remained flexible throughout shooting to ensure that capture was always abiding by the brand’s elevated DNA and successfully telling the story. The video editing, music selection and graphic design was responsive, happening live during the event with feedback sessions and the Very Polite team’s expertise in social platforms (and Espresso Martinis) guiding the videos towards their daily release.


By the end of the fifth day, Very Polite delivered four campaign-quality Stories for La Mer’s global Instagram account and reformatted the videos as Reels for evergreen content. Alongside the Instagram Stories, we delivered photography that was featured in the Elle Magazine coverage of the event and video and photo capture to be used as evergreen content for the brand.

Next up: TikTok. Watch this space.