Horseshoe Bay Sanctuary

When Vancouverites think of Horseshoe Bay, the words serene and natural immediately come to mind — and it’s no wonder. Flanked by panoramic views of the ocean, mountains and alpine peaks, Horseshoe Bay encapsulates major chill vibes that we can get behind. Ahhh *deep breath.* In partnership with the Sewell Marina and architect Paul Merrick, local developer Westbank sought out to build a new community on an empty, underused parking lot. The luxurious community’s focus was to embrace nature and this neighborhood’s West Coast village feel. Very Polite was called in to assist with creative for this stunning new neighborhood aptly named, Sanctuary.

Very Polite had to ensure the calm and tranquil atmosphere of this neighbourhood was successfully portrayed through thoughtful branding, creative concepting and digital ads. Once the initial process was completed, we designed a book that showcased the incredible aesthetic of the project, and the surrounding natural environment. Our goal was to capture the essence of Sanctuary without infusing obvious and overused Zen-like references we often associate with the category of peaceful, naturally beautiful spaces. We committed to keeping the vision understated, fresh, and elevated throughout all branded assets.

We presented 3 different options and pulled the strongest features from each of the three to create the final brand.

In the following three concepts the agency explored bringing diversity to the Horseshoe Bay Sanctuary brand through amplified palettes and graphical treatments, which helped leverage existing photography and renderings. Graphics and typography were considered and inspired by Italian and nautical design, which grounds some of the more organic photography while also establishing a sense of modern heritage. We explored the idea of using graphics to illustrate the concept of ‘time stamping’ moments and experiences found in and around the location. The word ‘sanctuary’ itself carries a lot of weight and we were mindful not to lean too heavily into a ‘healthy and wellness’ or ‘nature reserve’ category. Our ultimate goal was to celebrate the understated beauty and amenities this location has to offer by letting the photography speak for itself.

Ultimately, we combined assets of all the options that we liked. The colour palette reflects the calm natural world that surrounds Horseshoe Bay Sanctuary.

Very Polite created a substantial book that reflected the scope of the project, integrating features including Swiss-bound, soft matte cover, vellum inserts, and coloured pages throughout. The intention was to convey the feeling of Sanctuary and allow the reader to envision a life surrounded by the beauty of the West Coast and this unique slice of (outdoor) heaven.