Eavor Technologies

Forever, forever, ever, forever, Eavor? Thank you, Outkast for the intro (and sorry to Ms. Jackson, wherever you are).

Eavor (pronounced ‘ever’) is actually a tech company that is doing something quite remarkable. They invented a new geothermal power generation technology that overcomes all the traditional roadblocks of geothermal power. Until now, when it comes to power supply all green energy sources have been intermittent and unreliable. Eavor created the world’s first scalable baseload power: which we define as a steady, reliable source of green power. It’s a brand of power that is reliable in the way the world needs, but it’s green like the world wants. It matters because it’s a better alternative to fossil fuels – which is the only other viable scalable baseload power solution. Woah.

Science is cool, kids! That’s why Very Polite was positively thrilled to create an impactful, iconic, and global brand identity for Eavor from the ground up, supported by the development of a content and marketing strategy, the creation and launch of messaging platforms, and deployment of a go-to-market strategy.

We got pretty deep. Our creative approach was based on the idea that humanity’s growth is intrinsically intertwined with technology (and thus energy). We wanted to create a brand that spoke to humanity, technology, discovery and growth and find a way to bring this to life – no biggie. We created the name ‘Eavor’ as it connotated the ‘forever’ notion of an infinite energy flow.

The initial creative concept was inspired by this guy, Eadweard Muybridge, known as ‘the man who captured time’ (fun dude), who in 1872 began documenting both human and animal movement. Eadweard Muybridge’s work represented an evolution of motion, movement, biology and technology. It’s through work like that that we better understand ourselves and the defining role technology plays in that self-discovery.

Very Polite executed an intensive brand discovery process to identity the brand DNA and deeply immerse into the fabric of the company. From this process we were able to create an extensive and robust brand design package including a custom font, logo creation, brand design guidelines for all collateral, as well as the execution of asset creation.

This also included the naming of the brand, development of brand identity and ethos, culture, and visuals in the form of a conceptual and informative video. We harnessed the idea of what the company is about to create which was an exciting and daring new form of energy. We executed the production and creative vision for the video which was leveraged for their website, and social channels – resulting in a brand that looked like it was made in the future. Very Polite also concepted and executed the official launch event in Calgary to introduce the technology to potential investors, technology peers, and partners. The experiential event was met with huge turnout and positioned Eavor as a new tech powerhouse in the market. (When supermodel Heather Marks shows up at your tech party, you know it’s lit).

Today, Eavor has assembled a multi-year, multi-billion-dollar prospect pipeline, and successfully demonstrated the technology, securing third-party validation. They have started global conversations on renewable energy creation and have been granted upwards of $8 million from the federal Government of Canada. With a powerful technology combined with clear brand identity, they have established themselves as a powerful force in the future of renewable energy and poised to commercialize the technology worldwide. What’s next? Outer space? Bring it on.