Canada Goose

There are a few things that are quintessentially Canadian: ice hockey, cold weather, Canada Goose jackets, and being polite of course.
Canadian? Check. Very Polite? Also check. It was a perfect fit for our agency to concept and execute the launch of the first ever Canada Goose flagship store in the West Coast.
In addition to the event execution, the ask included event photography, day-of production and management, and PR outreach. The objective was to generate buzz on the new store location in advance of the opening, and to establish authentic relationships with influencers and the target consumer demographic. Prior to the launch, media were taken on personal tours of the new space and offered 1:1 interviews with the Canada Goose team to produce coverage timed with the launch party.

Canada Goose is an iconic Canadian brand with global reach, and we wanted to extend the brand DNA into all aspects of the launch experience. It was essential for us to stay true to the heritage of the brand, weaving in various West Coast elements into the launch event in a way that was unique and exciting, while also highlighting the new seasonal jacket collection. We worked with local caterer Juno Kim to develop an innovative and interactive culinary and sensory experience that would mimic the experience of one walking into a lush West Coast oasis and foraging for food. To bring this to life, a blanket of freshly picked moss laid the impressive foundation for the canapes, accented by organic materials such as rocks, wood, and even dry ice which lent a “fog-like” effect. The seasonal and local menu highlighted the beauty of West Coast ingredients. As guests would serve themselves from the vignette, it created the experience of “foraging” for food in the midst of a misty West Coast morning. This catering element was intentionally interactive, innovative and meant to exist as the heart of the event – which it did.

Very Polite also amplified the West Coast experience by bringing in lush greenery throughout the space, including an oversized “living plant wall” which we used as a unique step-and-repeat, and a custom ice installation carved into a towering mountain range. We also incorporated custom cocktails using locally produced ingredients and strategically merchandised the newest Canada Goose jackets throughout the store for optimal viewing which encouraged guests to engage, try-on pieces, and even purchase at the event.
The results of the event saw a 100% guest turnout which included select influencers, athletes, top clientele and media. ROI outcomes also included top tier brand ambassador opportunities, social media impressions, press coverage in both national and local outlets and store sales that significantly surpassed all goals.