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Bosa came to Very Polite looking for an event and influencer strategy to launch Fifteen Fifteen, a luxury building by architect Ole Scheeren. Fifteen Fifteen is an expression of architect Ole Scheeren’s passion for connectivity—not only for residents to connect with each other and their immediate surroundings, but also to the natural beauty just beyond the walls. The artistic thinking behind the project is grounded in three conceptual pillars: Nature, City and Personal Space.

Bosa offered three primary objectives for our new partnership:


This design perspective led us to concept and execute three consecutive events that actively challenged our guests to think beyond the architecture and the building itself and immerse themselves in layered experiences.

The Film Premiere

For the first group of influencers, we sought to connect with a creative crowd that would appreciate an exclusive experience that was as unexpected as it was impactful. We offered an intimate screening of Canadian short film, Loop. This was also the film’s premiere in Canada, adding another layer of excitement. This concept offered guests a more dimensional and creative experience than is conventionally expected from a sales and marketing event.

The Design Panel

For the second event, we wanted to spark a dialogue that would complement the central themes of the Fifteen Fifteen project. We curated and executed a panel facilitated by top-tier industry thought-leaders in the design and art space. Inspired by Ole Scheeren’s vision to enhance the experience of connectivity by physically placing residents at the cross sections of nature, city and personal space, the theme for the panel Designing for Connectivity, emerged.

The discussion was moderated by Editor-in-Chief of BC Business, Nick Rockel, and panelists included renowned Sculptor Marie Khouri, Visual Artist & Curator Drew Young, Interior Designer Andrea Greenway, and Design Innovation leader Martin Rahn. The panelists explored how we can better connect with our environments — both natural and designed.

The Dinner Experience

We final influencer event was a showstopping dinner experience on the rooftop of the Fifteen Fifteen showroom. The objective was to leverage the curated guestlist to create and share refined, aspirational content that would elevate all aspects of the showroom, and the unique venue.

The dinner experience was designed to bring the senses to life. Soundscapes in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen set the tone while a beautifully coursed dinner was served by Chef Alessandro Vianello.


Each guest captured beautiful content that amplified the event features. From the sensorial dinner catered by Chef Alessandro Vianello to the stunning details of the showroom, every detail was recognized and brought to life on social media. The dinner event itself garnered over 200K in impressions, bringing a combined total impressions for all 3 events to 1.2 million.


“This was the most special evening I think I have ever had in Vancouver, everyone you brought together was perfect. People are messaging me about how to attend a Bosa event.”

Randa Salloum