Westbank Oakridge

Working with a developer like Westbank is a dream for a creative agency; we get to play part in crafting the brand narrative behind their striking architecture, work on projects with global scope, and contribute to high profile creative collaborations that flex our design muscles. From skyscrapers to boutique workspaces, Very Polite collaborated with this renowned developer to bring their vision of elevated living to life.

Hong Kong Pop-Up

From YVR -> HKG, nonstop. Very Polite was commissioned by Westbank to design and execute a pop-up showroom in Hong Kong for their expansive Oakridge development. The pop-up showcased Westbank’s existing projects in Vancouver and Tokyo, and highlighted the unique features of the Oakridge development. Very Polite also created design directive for a mood board that offered a stylized representation of life at Oakridge (real nice, in case you were wondering). The showroom included a comfortable seating area for guests to browse through Westbank’s many coffee table books, while being surrounded by beautiful, lush greenery. The focus of the pop-up was to highlight the new cultural hub and creative spaces Westbank was building at their Oakridge development, and their ongoing commitment to celebrating the arts.

Not your average pop-up. Very Polite conceptualized and executed the pop up with the goal of creating an enjoyable experience for guests to learn about the Oakridge development while still being inspired by other creative, natural elements. This included designing the exterior vinyl, interior graphical elements such as the boardwalk feature gallery wall.

Oakridge Creative Space at the Woodlands

Ok, back to YVR. The agency executed a brand development project for Oakridge Creative Space at the Woodlands — an impeccably concepted and designed, amenity-rich 130,000 square foot boutique workspace at Westbank’s Oakridge development. In addition to a variety of bespoke elements, Very Polite created the brand ethos for the project including a wordmark and logo, voice, and color story for the brand.

The second part of this project was concepting, designing, executing, and producing a 58-page magazine highlighting the Oakridge Creative Space. The magazine emphasises the community’s many incredible features – location and access, wellness and recreation, retail, culture, and sustainability initiatives.

This large format magazine was crafted using the highest quality materials – eggshell finish paper and saddle stitch binding with a silk ribbon page marker to communicate the luxurious nature of the development it was highlighting.