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With the crippling effects of the recent pandemic on large brands and especially smaller businesses, our agency saw an opportunity to lend our expertise and resources in a uniquely creative way. Brands are now being faced with new challenges, and financial uncertainty. Newness is essential, and now is not the time to remain static - but the reality of our current climate is difficult to navigate.

Enter, Brand Me.


What is it?

Brand Me is a $150,000 emergency global branding fund created by Very Polite intended to help revitalize a selected brand that might be negatively impacted.

In other words, a rare opportunity for us to rebrand, refresh, rework, develop, launch or relaunch your brand. You get the picture.

Brand Who? Brand You (Me)!

What do you win?

Aside from the euphoric feeling of being the envy of their friends, family and colleagues, the winner will receive the following services worth a gazillion dollars (well, 150k):


Businesses of all backgrounds from all over the world are eligible to enter Brand Me for a chance to receive this fully immersive Very Polite Branding package.

We are looking for a brand that has something to say (you just might be struggling with the right way to express it). We are looking for innovators and future game-changers. Are you excited about what you are building? Why? Is your business going to disrupt or redefine an industry? Or have you been around for a while and need to pivot in order to lead once again? We want to know. Inspire us.

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